Web Hosting

Web Hosting

The Web hosting part is really the ‘headquarters’ or fortress of your online market offensive. Nothing destroys online advertising rupees more than a low-performance back-end Web infrastructure. So what we tell our clients at every opportunity is – this is the wrong-est place to save money!!

At BN TECHNO, we understand your concern when you want to be dead sure that your Web hosting service provides you with top-class server-response-time and bandwidth, essential hosting features and assured website uptime. So without saying much, we just want you to know that we manage Web hosting for many companies in this City of Joy. And we have done it for over 5 years.

We offer Web hosting solutions for both Linux and Windows platforms. Our Web hosting services include shared webhosting, dedicated Web hosting, reseller Web hosting and virtual dedicated server hosting.

Apart from complete transparency right from the services used to the billing and invoicing, BNTECHNO ensures redundancy plans are in place to prevent outages. Our Web hosting team carries out scheduled and regular back-ups for your site and servers, so that your organization has stable and dependable Web presence over the years.

Website Redesigning

Website!! All are familiar and aware with the word "Website" and almost everyone, every business has their own website in today’s cipher world. Also everyone wants to be updated with the current trends and technology they’re using. So, why to use an older version of website? It’s time to upgrade your website with latest trends and technologies to target the right audience.

In this digital era, online presence of your business can give your business more power to heal. There are so many websites running on web, almost 70% of businesses have their website/websites, but having a website is not just enough to cheer up your online audience, your website is your presence on the web and it should be interactive and attractive to speak about you just with the UI/UX.

A website is must be updated with the latest technologies to provide audience smooth browsing experience to blow their mind, because, every visitor likes a good, eye-catchy and interactive design and if they find anything wrong then they start avoiding your website.

Most of websites nowadays that are running on outdated layout, due to an outdated design such websites are losing visitors and hence causing loss in the business. So make sure that your website is developed with latest and updated technologies and techniques to get full potential of the web. Therefore, you must adopt new and innovative technologies and techniques to redesign your website.

if you already have a website that uses outdated methods then you can redesign your website with emerging methods.

To get more information about our services or about our company or else you can contact us at +91 98049 80466 / 72785 28087 or email us at "info@bntechno.co.in".