Logo Designing

Logo Designing


An integral part of company’s corporate image and identity is the logo. Perfectly designed logo expresses your values, goals, personality and distinctiveness. Logo initiates instant recognition and creates a unique individuality to your company, giving it the required edge. It is imperative to make a statement in the business world and sustain credibility through a well designed logo. Along with a logo, an exquisite and intense tagline would supplement the resolution of the brand, which announces the quality of the product, helping in diffusing its presence in the market.

Logo design is a concept based design that creates a lasting impression on your customers, who remember you and your products through the logo. Further to say, the appearance of logo announces the standard of the company. In a way, it acts like the spokesperson of an organization.

BN Techno offers customized logo design illustrating your company objectives, ideas and personality. We design an influential logo design to attract the attention of your potential customers, and to get you the right amount of visibility in the market. Your logo is designed with the name, its reach, its goal and products in mind, yet the designs are simple as complex designs are never appropriate for brand identities.

BN Techno has an expert team of creative designers who perform the services of logo design ranging from corporate to FMCG companies, according to your tastes and requirements. We ensure that your company, products and services come into the limelight and communicate effectively to the target audience. So enhance the credibility of your company with extraordinary logo design from the inspiring team of designers at BN Techno.

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Logo Designing Process

Colour is a key component, which plays a remarkable part in brand differentiation, so we assess logo colors through various social and cultural settings. Yet, it has to be kept in mind that the colour representation and significance vary across different social and cultural background. Hence, there should not be any dispute between logo colour and logo functionality. Moreover, the colour preference also fluctuates across various industries, e.g., intense colours are used in fast food, telluric colour for arts, light shaded colours for corporate offices and banks, etc. to name a few.

The process of logo designing requires a deep understanding of the values and ideas of the brand as well as the beats of targeted market. The step by step process of logo design starts with the devising of concept, executing an initial design, concluding the logo concept, and finally deciding on colours and its combinations and contrasts. At the same time, after achieving desired results, the further step is to check if it is happening every time. At BN Techno, our graphic designing wing creates stunning logos by intermixing colours and other effects in order to design brand mark (symbol or icon), word mark (text), letter mark (initials), combination mark (text and symbol), emblem (text inside symbol), etc.

Our mode of operation starts with conceptualization process and several illustrations are experimented in drawing board. Later on, we shortlist the best out of those, which are further converted to graphics. From here, the technical part starts. We basically use softwares such as Corel Draw 6X and Adobe Illustrator, and select the appropriate font and colours.

We provide Illustrative, Artistic, Corporate, Minimalistic and Typographic logo designs added with Corporate Identity including TV, uniforms, visiting cards, bill books, invoice, letterhead, envelopes, etc.

Brochure Designing

Brochures is one of the most important off-line marketing tool to promote a brands identity and used by almost all the businesses to advertise their product or service. Its handy feature has added to its popularity. A brochure is generally used in the form of a flyer or pamphlet through which vital information of the product or service can be passed on to the virtually unlimited clients. Professionally designed and well organized brochure will definitely help to improve your corporate image. Remember, a brochure should reflect the brand image of an organization and therefore, it needs to be distinct in concept and design.

Emerging and Established businesses always seek ways to promote themselves in the market. Good, effective and well-designed brochures prove to be an efficient means to reach the targeted audience. Impending potential customer’s decisions are often influenced by the attractiveness and the content presentation of the marketing mediums, therefore a well-conceptualized and crafted brochure is a marketers’ key asset. With just a single glance on our brochure customers can gauge the competence of your business and create a perception on your business.

BN Techno is one such brochure designer in Kolkata that understands your vision and converts it into elegant, unique, creative and visually appealing brochures through the subtle use of images, texts and symbols at affordable rates. The vibrant graphics in the designs truly engage your customers in your products or services. Our team of illustrators and designers put a lot of effort and thinking to craft exclusive brochures that help you communicate your ideas through best possible print medium.

There are different brochure formats (medical, healthcare, travel, etc.) we can design which includes e-brochures, bi-fold brochure, leaflet, two–fold brochure, tri-fold brochures and flyers for offers, business folders, sales brochures, corporate brochures, branding catalog, graphic design, B2B brochure design, etc.