Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Needless to say that penetration of the Internet service has changed the way of marketing. More website traffic, more clicks and more business, the statement is quite common, and is used by experts and layman both. Have you ever thought what the basic elements of the search engine marketing are? Well, it all starts with web analytics to understand the behavior, demographic, language, device along with many other aspects of the people who are searching for any particular product or service, and thereby intelligently instrumenting the Internet marketing strategies for organic website optimization and Ad Campaign to get the potential customers, and ultimately more conversion.

BNTECHNO administers a highly skilled search engine marketing team with cross-industry expertise to provide you with the best marketing solution with the least investment. Apart from handling the online advertisement, we provide consulting services regarding site structure and content, and can track metrics such as revenue, average order value, newsletter sign-ups, page downloads, key phrase research, competition, content optimization, link building, and social media platforms.

Our Search Engine Marketing solution enhances your online presence, and lowers the cost per lead. We aim to increase the e-commerce conversion rates, to boost up your business. Our thorough support helps you to focus more on your business strategies and least on the critical aspects of search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

Search Engine Marketing Services

Meticulous Research followed by unambiguous goal setting and diligent planning is carried out by our PPC experts with an aim to increase your ROI through Pay Per Click Ads.

We provide you all the report step by step from publishing your site and taking care of all search engine and directory positioning to monitoring the result and supplying you with performance report.

Our full Services detailed below:

Website Audit – where you are now, including your search engine competitors, site evaluation, click-through analysis, HTML code, calls for action, links plus more.

Keyword Research – Identifying visitors winning search term keywords and phrases with high demand that will generate qualified visitors for your site from major search engines.

Website Optimisation – your website pages will be optimised for high ranking within search engines, directories based on search term and keywords and phrases related to your product or services.

Website Submission – manual submission to the 50 + top search engines and directory including Aol, MSN, Google Plus Directories, Yahoo, BTLooksmart, Ask Jeeves etc.

Pay Per Click Services – PPC advertising is today’s most effective media to get high traffic and qualified visitors from main search engines and it works instantly. Fully accountable – you only pay for results.

Monitoring and Reporting – End result reporting services which includes analysis of your website log files, click through tracking, search engine ranking positions achieved, visibility, placement to full ROI/ROAS tracking.

Website Marketing Maintenance includes:

Monitoring visitors and activities – providing you report of Monitoring visitors.

Improving visibility and placement – on search engine and directories.

Resubmitting new pages – products & services

Regular Reports – on positions and visitors

Link Building – strategy and consultancy

Plus additional proprietary techniques – to improve your listing

Pay Per Click

The pay per click model designed by noted search engines like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft is based on the same concept. Pay for your ad, when it gets hit by end-users; it keeps you in a better position to manage Internet marketing investment. Moreover, the advertisement campaign can be modified as per audience behavior, location, type of device or operating system platform used, for result-oriented business.

BNTECHNO, founded in 2012 with the express purpose of making technologies simpler, accessible and objective, deploys the industries’ best expertise to give an edge to your business. We aim to display your ads to the right customers, who are actually looking for the product or service that you dwell with, at the right time, which is instrumental for a successful business for maximum return from the allocated investment.

We would help you attain maximum results on an allocated budget:

Appropriate budget allocation
Create appropriate ads, which would attain approvals quickly
Allocate appropriate keywords for the campaign
Analyze data from AdWords/FB/Yahoo/MSN etc and suggest/implement effective strategies
We ensure you remain focused in your business and we provide comprehensive support for your digital presence.
Our experienced Google AdWords professionals would help you gain maximum results